Current Bereavement Support Services

Online Bereavement Sessions (facilitated on Zoom)

  • Bereavement sessions are facilitated by Nancy Osgoodby, LCSW. Nancy has 30+ years of clinical practice experience in mental health and crisis intervention, as well as a tremendous love for animals. Having had many animal companions over the years, Nancy has dealt with the grieving process on a personal level and developed a special interest in helping others grieve the loss of their pets.
  • Group sessions are held online through Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7 pm.  An invitation with the Zoom link will be sent through email after registration.

Child Bereavement Workshop

  • We understand that coping with grief can be a challenging experience, especially for children. That is why we are offering a specialized child bereavement workshop where children can engage in creative crafting activities to help them process and navigate their emotions during times of loss.
  • A parent MUST be in attendance with a child for the duration of the workshop (4:15-5:45 PM EST)
  • Shadow boxes WILL be provided
  • Attendees are asked to bring sentimental items to add to their shadow box such as photos, toys, collars, a piece of their blanket, and anything else that reminds them of their pet.

In-Person Bereavement Courses

  • In-person bereavement courses (pick a date): Grief evokes various emotions, feelings and thoughts that can be difficult to get through on our own.
  • Oradell Animal Hospital’s psychoeducational bereavement group offers a supportive environment for adults to share their experiences with grief and pet loss, exploring the process of grieving over the course of six weekly sessions.
  • The group has a limited amount of spots and participation is required for all six weeks. It is free of charge and open to the community!
  • The group will be held on the following Saturdays from 11 AM-12 PM
    • April 6, 2024
    • April 13, 2024