International Travel Apts - FAQs

What are international travel appointments?

Pets that are leaving the United States to go to another country require specific forms filled out, as well as a physical exam before traveling.

Who can perform the exams?

Only veterinarians that are accredited with the USDA can perform the exams and sign the paperwork.  These vets have gone through extra training to receive their certification to perform the exams.

Why does it seem so complicated?

Every country in the world has its own requirements and forms. We must spend time figuring out all your pets' requirements, and what the time frame is to complete them. This may or may not include getting paperwork endorsed by the USDA before traveling.

What does my pet need to travel internationally with me?

Since every country has different requirements, this means he may or may not need vaccines, blood work, medications, and a microchip.  In addition, some countries require that only an accredited vet can perform the bloodwork and vaccines.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a small chip with an individual code that gets implanted under your pet’s skin. It is the best way to identify your pet if you were separated.  It is also needed for international travel for many countries.

What is a Rabies titer?

A rabies titer is a blood test that can show whether or not your pet is sufficiently protected against the Rabies virus. Some countries require this test even if the pet has had many rabies vaccines in the past. Many countries also require that the pet have a microchip implanted PRIOR to getting the rabies vaccine or having the titer performed. This test can take up to 6 weeks to get results-so it is very important to know if your destination requires it before you finalize your travel plans. It cannot be rushed or expedited.

How long does it take to prepare for my trip?

International travel preparation can take several weeks to months, so it is always recommended that you start the process as early as possible. 

What about my airline- do they also require anything?

Many airlines have their own specific requirements that may not coincide with the destination, so we recommend you review the airline's policies for pet travel.  

What are the costs involved with international travel?

Preparing for pet travel can involve multiple office visits, various vaccines and lab tests, and preparation of multiple documents, and a USDA endorsement fee.  Your airline may also have additional fees for pet travel.