Dr. Palminteri was a visionary leader in his field.  He was the first board certified veterinary surgeon in the state of New Jersey, and opened the first referral hospital in the state. Dr. Palminteri, throughout his career, stressed the importance of providing excellent care to veterinary patients. He combined his considerable talents with a pragmatic outlook and a determination to help prevent suffering. 

The Dr. P Veterinary Care Fund is administered by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, on behalf of Oradell Animal Hospital.  This program helps the veterinarians and staff of Oradell Animal Hospital provide veterinary care to abused or abandoned animals, and reduced cost care to clients with demonstrated need.  

This fund relies on the generosity of our clients, who can choose to contribute to this noble cause. Whether it's covering the cost of life-saving surgeries, providing essential medications, or supporting the rehabilitation of animals facing challenges, every donation plays a crucial role in making a difference. We are deeply committed to the well-being of all animals, and through the support of our compassionate clients, we can extend our reach to create a stronger, more compassionate community that values and prioritizes the health and happiness of our beloved pets. If you are considering donating to this vital endeavor, please address a check to 580 Winters Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652 and fill it out like the example attached below.

Thank you for helping us make a difference for a patient that might otherwise not receive veterinary care.


The Veterinarians, Administration, Nurses and Support Staff of Oradell Animal Hospital

Dr. P Fund