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Referral Policy

Attention: Pet Owners Referred From Other Hospitals or Presenting Your Pet on an Emergency Basis

Welcome to Oradell Animal Hospital!

Your pet has either presented to us for emergency treatment or has been referred to our facility by your primary care veterinarian for consultation with a specialist. Our emergency veterinarian and/or specialist will evaluate your pet, and make recommendations regarding diagnostics and treatment based on the findings of the physical examination and the history provided by you and your veterinarian.

Oradell Animal Hospital will work closely with you and your veterinarian to manage your pet’s condition in order to provide the most consistent and complete care. We will update your primary care doctor and provide her/him with the diagnosis and treatments that your pet received at Oradell Animal Hospital.

We value our relationship with your veterinarian and we know that she/he knows your pet thoroughly and provides excellent care to your pet. Therefore, Oradell Animal Hospital can only treat your pet for the condition for which it was referred. We ask that you return to your primary care veterinarian for all necessary routine care such as vaccines, heartworm tests, physical examinations, parasite control, other illnesses, etc.

We are grateful to both you and your primary care veterinarian for entrusting us with the care of your pet.