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We welcome your stories about your experience at our hospital.  Please submit your story with attached photos to [email protected].  After review,  they will appear on this page.

  • Oradell Animal Hospital Veterinarian Dr. Laura Lee Sartor diagnoses irritable bowel in feline

    Hi Dr. Sartor, 

    Mia & I just wanted to give you a little update about our cat Bailey, who was at Oradell Animal Hospital one year ago this month.  He is doing fantastic and it is just amazing.  When we brought him to you, we truly believed you were his last hope.  Especially after our regular veterinarian told us she thought he needed to be put down with what she believed was a lymphoma in his lower intestine.   You took such good care of him when we brought him to you.  He was very sick.  When he had a relapse two weeks later and we called you (you gave us your cell number because you were on vacation) after our veterinarian gave us that news, you gave us hope.  You told us not to do anything  except to bring in him “for a follow up” so you and your associates could look at him.  You took care of him again, gave him a script for prednosone (which he still takes 1/2 pill a day), and he has slowly gotten better ever since.  It turned out that his colitis or irritable bowel syndrome was brought on by the stress of the loss of his 12 year old sister Brieanna the month before, and the addition of his two new playmates, Blue & Berri.  

    Bailey will be turning 10 next month and he is as happy and playful as he has ever been.  He has adjusted to his new brother & sister, and we believe now that they are actually good for him and keep him younger.  He sleeps with them, plays with them, eats with them, and brawls with them.  Ok, so it is not always peaches & cream with the 3 of them, but for the most part it is a very loving household.  Bailey is more friendly with us, and he sleeps and eats better and very consistantly.  He also wants attention from us more then ever and he purrs so much when you sit with him and talk to him and stroke him. 

    So, we just wanted to let you know how well he is doing and to say thanks again to you and all the great people at Oradell Animal Hospital that took such good care of him. 


    Mia, Mike Smith, and Bailey


    Laura Sartor

  • Clyde survives! Emergency bloat at Oradell Animal Hospital

    Clyde is a 7 year old Basset Hound.  His owner took him to his local veterinarian when he was just showing vague signs of not feeling well.  His veterinarian diagnosed Clyde with bloat and referred him to Oradell Animal Hospital. 

    When in route to our hospital, Clyde’s owner’s car broke down.  We were very nervous as we did not hear from the owner for awhile as bloat is a condition that needs immediate attention.

    The owner finally called us. A team of 3 staff members from our critical care services department met Clyde and his owner.  They assisted with CPR and other interventions in the field.

    Both owner and pet were transported to our hospital and upon arrival Clyde was in the throws of cardiac arrest.  He was resuscitated and temporarily came about and arrested a second time.  At that point, he was stabilized and brought immediately to surgery.  Clyde has recuperated nicely and is back to his normal, perky self.

  • Misty Fontaine

    5/2002 – 7/2010 In Memoriam

    Misty was a great hunter and would always surprise me with her “presents.”  They included rats, mice, squirrels, birds, rabbits and chipmunks.  Sometimes she would play a game of hiding them from me and hoping I would find them such as the time I came out to clean her house and found two dead mice on her heating pad.  Even though I was not thrilled with her prizes, I always loved the fact that she wanted to bring them back to show me how much she loved me.

    Misty was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent brain surgery.  She made a wonderful recovery but was then diagnosed with lymphoma shortly after.  She underwent chemotherapy and tolerated it well until the end of her life.

    Any tribute to Misty would not be complete without mentioning two wonderful specialists at Oradell Animal Hospital.  Dr. Dennis Bailey, DVM (oncology) and Dr. Kerry Bailey, DVM (neurology).  It would be almost impossible to describe in a few sentences what an extraordinary and dedicated doctor and all around wonderful person Dr. Bailey is.  He worked tirelessly to try to treat and heal Misty.  What I liked most about him was the loving way he treated Misty as if she was his own cat.  Misty and I will always be grateful for all his unwavering patience and compassion.

    Dr. Kerry Bailey was Misty’s neurologist.  She is just about the warmest and nicest person you could meet and a terrific doctor!  She gave Misty quality care topped with TLC!

    Written with lots of love for my brave beautiful girl Misty……..Leona 7/8/10

  • Gypsy Rose

    Gypsy Rose is a pedigree Holland Lop Doe, who was born on January 2, 2008. She comes from a long line of show rabbits (her mother died giving birth to her). Gypsy’s coloring is a mixture of beige and grey with silver overtones, which classifies her color as tortoise. She is litter box trained, comes to her name (when she wants), sits up and begs and tolerates being dressed-up. When she wants her outfit off, she TAKES it off – just like a stripper; thus her name! For the most part, she is very well behaved EXCEPT, last February she discovered that she had the ability to chew wires. Within days she took out a lamp, the TV and the computer. I thought I had broken her of the habit. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and she decided to go for the 220 line on the air conditioner; which I had not unplugged for the winter. (Fortunately, it was winter and the A/C was not on.) While I thought she was behaving herself she chewed through the wire, which I did not discover until it was time to put her in her cage for the night. It was not until the next morning that I realized her right eye was discolored. I brought her to Dr. Boren who diagnosed her with having an ulcer in her eye. Dr. Boren prescribed eye drops in order to prevent the ulcer from bursting and causing her to lose the sight in that eye. Over the next several months Dr. Boren kept a watch on her progress and thus saving her eye sight. She does not chew wires any longer and Dr. Boren is her hero! -Cindy Rose

    Gypsy Rose

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