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Medicallly wise to spay your cat

Q:  My pet cat is now about three years old and has not been spayed. She is an indoor cat and seemingly has no issues when she comes into heat. Do you think she will need to be spayed sometime in the future if her cycles remain the same? A:  There are two main medical...

Ferrets Make Great Pets

Q:  My daughter has been clamoring to get a ferret as a pet.  What do you think of ferrets as pets?  If we should get a pet ferret is there any special care involved in taking care of it?  Any tips you can provide would be helpful.  Thank you for your time. A: ...

Bladder Stones Common in Dogs

Q:  What causes bladder stones in dogs?  My dog was recently diagnosed with them and surgery was recommended but I’m concerned about the risks.  What can you tell me? Bladder stones are quite common in dogs just as kidney stones are often seen in people.  The most...

Fall Pet Tips From Your Friends At Oradell Animal Hospital

Just because the leaves are falling doesn't mean the fleas and ticks have gone.  In fact, fleas have been a particular problem lately in our patients.  Fleas will make your pet's life miserable until a hard freeze wipes them out outside, but they can also infest your...

When Hormone Creams Expose Others to Risks

By TARA PARKER-POPE for the New York Times Veterinarians around the country are reporting a strange phenomenon: spayed dogs and cats, even some puppies and kittens, are suddenly becoming hormonal. In female pets, the symptoms resemble heat: swollen genitals, bloody...

Misty Fontaine

5/2002 - 7/2010 In Memoriam Misty was a great hunter and would always surprise me with her "presents."  They included rats, mice, squirrels, birds, rabbits and chipmunks.  Sometimes she would play a game of hiding them from me and hoping I would find them such as the...

Is dog scratching normal or due to allergies?

Q:  My dog Zoe is a two year old Havanese and she’s wonderful but she always scratches and I have read that Havanese tend to have dry skin.  I bought her at a breeder two years ago and she has always scratched behind her ears but never breaks the skin.  I brought her...

What You Should Know About the Canine Flu

Dog wearing face maskThe Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) or Canine Flu is a newly appearing virus in dogs which causes an acute respiratory infection. A safe and effective vaccine is now available for this highly contagious viral disease.

Thyroid woes hit an older cat

I have an older calico cat and I recently brought her in to my veterinarian for her annual check up. She had lost 2 lbs from the year before and I didn’t even notice. My veterinarian did some blood tests and told me that she has hyperthyroidism. He said this is very common in older cats and that she needed to start taking pills to control it. I travel a lot and I’m not sure if I can give her the medication regularly. Are there any other options?

Pet Photos with Santa

Photos from the 2009 Oradell Christmas party. All proceeds were donated to the Community Food Bank of NJ.

Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose is a pedigree Holland Lop Doe, who was born on January 2, 2008. She comes from a long line of show rabbits (her mother died giving birth to her). Gypsy's coloring is a mixture of beige and grey with silver overtones, which classifies her color as tortoise....

Vinblastine Abstracts

Bailey DB, Rassnick KM, Kristal O, Chretin JD, Balkman CE. Phase I dose escalation of single-agent vinblastine in dogs. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2008;22:1397-1402. Background: Vinblastine (VBL) is commonly used in dogs at a dosage of 2.0 mg/m2. The...

Oradell Receives Outstanding Community Service Award

The Bergen County law enforcement division of the NJSPCA presented Oradell Animal Hospital with an award for their efforts in providing outstanding medical care for abused, malnourished or animals in need of immediate care.

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