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Trial Specifics:
This trial is designed to evaluate the safety and preliminary anti-cancer activity of a novel, monoclonal antibody in dogs with measurable cancer. The antibody is administered IV by the study staff every 28 days for up to 5 treatments. There is no placebo in this trial. An estimated 30 client-owned dogs with Lymphoma, Melanoma, or Mast Cell Tumors will be enrolled. Visits will be required when the dogs begin the study, at Day 14, Day 28, and monthly thereafter for a total trial period of 140 days.

Trial Funding:
The trial is fully funded for the full trial duration (140 days), including the antibody and trial-related procedures.

Trial Eligibility:
Dogs with one of the following cancers may be enrolled if they meet the specific criteria for each cancer:

Mast Cell tumors

  • At least one measurable skin tumor +/- metastatic lymph node(s) > 2 cm
  • No intraabdominal metastasis
  • Prior therapy accepted with washout times to be discussed with the participating site


  • At least one measurable malignant tumor in the oral cavity, digit, skin +/- metastatic lymph node > 2 cm
  • No pulmonary metastasis
  • Prior therapy accepted with washout times to be discussed with participating site


  • All stages accepted but must have at least one measurable peripheral lymph node > 2 cm
  • No pulmonary or gastrointestinal involvement
  • Disseminated B or T-cell lymphoma (not epitheliotrophic)
  • Newly diagnosed or dogs that have completed no more than one chemotherapy protocol

If you are interested in having your pet be evaluated for this trial, please contact Dr. Dennis Bailey, Oncology

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